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Beating back the Monolith: Techniques for working more effectively with legacy code by understanding the complexity of your domain

If you’re a software developer, chances are you've encountered that dreadful moment when your project requires you to make a change to an existing piece of code. If you’re lucky, you have unit tests that fire green before you make the change. But what do you do when you are not so lucky? Taking it one step further, how do you know the complexity of the domain that you are operating in if you are new to the code base and whether the changes you need to make are trivial? In this talk, Rick G. Garibay, Senior SDM at Amazon walks through a framework for understanding the complexity of the domain that you are working on. From there, he shares some real-world patterns and techniques for working more effectively with legacy code including code reading and refactoring techniques, identifying and extracting functional seams for separating concerns and establishing devops practices that allow you to test changes in isolation (and yes, sometimes even in production).



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Rick G. Garibay


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