Date for   Saturday, October 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM - Saturday, October 8, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Tech Like a Girl

Women have had a long, mostly forgotten history in the tech field, and have suffered a decline in both representation and support as the technical field has grown. Kristy’s “Tech Like A Girl” summarizes the unique contributions of women to the tech industry and studies the decline of women in tech. She will review the trends and societal pressures that have led to 56% of women in a technical career leaving that career mid-way, and the overwhelming male slant of today’s tech industry from an insider’s perspective, as well as offer options and insights to invite women back into Tech, while challenging the audience to act immediately with the new information. Her unique perspective on gender bias in the tech field, combined with her vulnerable communication style, allows the audience to communicate without defensiveness, promoting full engagement without reservation. How will you invite women to join your tech teams? This presentation identifies the social and cognitive influences that are generating roadblocks for women in the tech industry. Drawing from personal experiences, Kristy will help attendees understand the obstacles women in tech encounter, and will explain how organizations can prevent and overcome those obstacles. Key take-away points include: • Understanding the creation and impact of unconscious biases • Accepting that the tech industry is in trouble, and it’s not a supply problem • Learning about many women responsible for the creation of the tech industry • Recognizing the steps necessary to invite women back into Tech o How to get our resumes o How to be certain we’re actually being considered for the job o How to interview and hire us o How to retain our talent for the long haul • Tasking attendees to choose an action to take when they get back to the office



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