Date for   Saturday, October 8, 2016 8:00:00 AM - Saturday, October 8, 2016 6:00:00 PM

Electronics for Beginners

Software engineering is not all about software anymore. Hardware is exploding! From wearable computers to robots, devices and machines are showing up everywhere. If you have always wanted to learn how to work with electronics, but have zero experience and don't know where to start, then this course is for you. This session is targeted for those who have no experience working with electricity or electronics. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! We'll begin by explaining what electricity is, we'll break down the math that you need to know, and we'll take a look at some simple demonstrations of electronics experiments that you can do at home for less than $100. I will also be demonstrating some simple projects using a Raspberry Pi 3. If you've heard of it and want to know what this is about, find out here. Come join us and open the door to this new world!



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Michael Collins


2:15 PM - 3:15 PM
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